Alisha K. Holloway, PhD

Staff Research Scientist

Phone: (415) 734-2723
Fax: (415) 355-0141
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Other Professional Titles

Director, Gladstone Bioinformatics Core

More about Dr. Holloway

As Director of Gladstone's Bioinformatics Core, Dr. Holloway focuses understanding the evolution of heart development. She uses comparative genomic approaches alongside bioinformatics—the application of computer science and information technology into the field of biology—to analyze large amounts of genomic data. She is the founding director of the Core, which provides tools, consultation and data analysis for biosciences researchers around the world.

Dr. Holloway is a leader in the field of bioinformatics. During her postdoctoral training at the University of California, Davis, she led the analysis team that performed the first population genomic study of a multi-cellular organism. In addition to serving as Director of the Bioinformatics Core at Gladstone, she also serves as the Bioinformatics Leader of the Bench to Bassinet consortium, which develops and evaluates tools for large-scale DNA-sequence analysis.

Dr. Holloway is the recipient of numerous awards, including Gladstone’s Anne J. Snyder Award of Excellence and a Biological Informatics Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Holloway received her PhD in Biology from the University of Texas-Austin, an MS in Biology from Colorado State University and a Bachelor’s in Zoology from the University of Oklahoma.