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Joint Gladstone-UCSF study reveals long-life gene also improves learning, memory; opens new path for treating Alzheimer's, age-related diseases

December 9, 2013

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the greatest challenges facing modern medicine, but there is new hope in the fight against this deadly disease. Today, renowned Alzheimer’s researcher and founding president of the Gladstone Institutes, Robert Mahley, MD, PhD, has received a Seeding Drug Discovery Award from the Wellcome Trust.


December 5, 2013

For some, the disease multiple sclerosis (MS) attacks its victims slowly and progressively over a period of many years. For others, it strikes without warning in fits and starts. But all patients share one thing in common: the disease had long been present in their nervous systems, under the radar of even the most sophisticated detection methods. But now, scientists at the Gladstone Institutes have devised a new molecular sensor that can detect MS at its earliest stages—even before the onset of physical signs.