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Your gift to Gladstone gives new hope to individuals and families around the world that suffer from devastating illnesses.

  • Our scientists led a global study that showed a pill, called Truvada, can reduce the likelihood of contracting HIV for those likely to come in contact with the virus.

Your gift brings us closer to new treatments—and cures—for heart disease, viral infections such as HIV/AIDS, and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Our researchers have turned skin cells into brain cells, and plan to use the process to create new and more effective models for drug development and testing.

Your gift will make a difference. Research at Gladstone is designed to provide game-changing results.

  • Gladstone scientists are working on a treatment that—already in animal models—can turn cardiac scar tissue into beating heart muscle.

Thanks to funds from donors and private foundations, Gladstone investigators are able to move into uncharted scientific territory, undertaking research that government grants do not support—but which can lead to significant scientific advances.

Donors also play a critical role in a process fraught with challenges: pushing science forward to the point where larger funding sources—such as venture capitalists or pharmaceutical companies—can partner with us or step in and take our scientific findings out of the laboratory and into treatments for patients.

By applying philanthropic dollars to early-stage research, and later attracting outside funding to advance our scientific findings, we are able to leverage an initial gift to as much as 10 times its original value—all to be dedicated to the philanthropist’s original intended cause.

Will Evers

Gladstone is unassailable. The researchers are so smart and creative—and the positive strides they're making are breathtaking. As a non-scientist I'm excited just to be near this amazing work. And I’m delighted to support it.

-William D. Evers, Jr.
Gladstone President’s Council Member
Partner, The Presidio Group