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HIV's dormant period helps it spread as part of the virus’ evolutionary survival strategy
February 26, 2015

Scientists have long thought that HIV's tendency to lay dormant within a person for 10 years or more was due to the behavior of the cells it infects or an error in the disease’s programming, but new evidence suggests that this inactivity may be an evolutionary strategy to help the virus to survive and spread.

Small DNA changes separate chimp and human brains
February 20, 2015

Early research by Dr. Katherine Pollard identified many regions of the human genome that appear to be evolving quickly. New research suggests these areas are responsible for differentiating human brains from chimpanzee brains. 

Fast-evolving human DNA leads to bigger-brained mice
February 19, 2015

Dr. Katherine Pollard comments on new research that investigates how super-evolving parts of our genome differentiated our brains from chimpanzees'. Dr. Pollard was one of the first researchers to identify these special genome sequences, dubbed "human-accelerated regions."